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Members Page
Brownie Girl Scout Troop 3141
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We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization.

Member Information

Sabrina is our oldest scout.  She is in 3rd grade.  She has a dog and a cat.  Sabrina loves sports and plays outside every day.  Her dog's name is Rocko & her cat's name is Scooby Doo.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

Haley is in 2nd grade.  She is tall.  She really likes her teacher at school and says she is really nice.  She likes to play with Rebecca.

Rachel is our youngest scout.  She is in 1st grade.  She has 3 cats:  Midnight, Taz & Oliver.  She is a basketball cheerleader.  Her favorite foods is oranges.  She learned how to ride her bike without training wheels by herself!  She has 2 sisters.

Samantha is almost 8 yrs old and is in 2nd grade.  She has a sister who is a Daisy Girl Scout.  Her favorite colors are blue & pink.  Soccer is Samantha's favorite sport.  She also has 3 cats and 1 dog.

Melanie is 7 yrs old and in second grade.  She giggles a lot!  She has a little brother.  Her favorite day is Saturday. 

Caitlyn is in 2nd grade.  She has 1 brother, a cat and a dog.  Her favorite subject is match.  Her dog's name is Gasmas and her cat's name is Tesie.

Kacie is 8 yrs old and is in 2nd grade.  She has 1 brother.  Her favorite color is blue and her favorite number is 10.  Kacie's favorite sport is baseball.  She has some fish as pets.  Her favorite subject is math and her favorite animal is a dog.

Summer is in 2nd grade and is 7 yrs. old.  She has 1 brother.  She likes learning math at school.  Her best friend is Caitlyn.  She also has 2 dogs and 5 birds.

Rebecca is in 2nd grade.  She is a cheerleader for basketball.  She likes pizza and her favorite snack is peanut butter cookies.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas and her favorite day is Saturday.  She loves horses and she has 3 cats.  She also has 2 sisters and her best friend is Haley.

Emily is in 2nd grade.  She has a cat and a dog.  She enjoys eating hot dogs, pizza, bread and cookies.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas and her favorite day is Saturday.  She has a brother and her favorite pet is a bird.

Makayla is in 2nd grade.  Her pets are a cat, dog and a fish.  She was a cheerleader in 1st grade.  Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite drink is soda.  She enjoys reading in her spare time.

Kaitlyn is in 2nd grade and her favorite sport is soccer.  She has a new baby brother and she helps her mom with him.  Some of her favorite things to do are ride her bike, play sports, checking out her favorite web sites and traveling to the beach.

Linda - Leader
Linda has been a leader for 17 years.  She loves Girl Scouts!!!  She is a mom to Stephanie & Michelle and grandmother to Kaitlyn & has a brand new grandson, David.  She loves to camp, sew and travel.  She keeps busy as a Troop Leader of a Brownie and Senior Troop, as a Camp Supervisor and Council Trainer, Troop Organizer & Troop Consultant and serving on the Program Committee.

Come back to see more member bio's.

Recent Events

The troop has completed the "Working It Out" and "My Body" try-its. 
We just had our Investiture/Court of Awards Ceremony and 11 of our girls came and we invited our parents. 

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

Troop 3141 * Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis